Asher, James

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Asher, James


Non-traditional Didjeridu

Andy Petersdidjeridu
James Asherkeyboards, drums, shak-shak, bottle, handclaps
Suzanne Bramsonvocals
Acoris Andipavocals, handclaps, keys
Hossam Ramzypercussion
Joji Hirotashakuhachi
Tim Wheaterflute, Native American flute
Michael CoxFlute
Phil Thorntonrecorder, elbow guitar
Ted Emmetttrumpet
Ricky De Cairossteel drum

CD and cassette, Playing time 66:06 minutes

Track List:

  1. The Medicine Wheel - 4:29
  2. Tabasco Rhythm - 6:21
  3. Paint the Mood Red - 5:26
  4. August Moon - 3:55
  5. Zammo-Zansa - 7:41
  6. Bushwhackers - 7:07
  7. Send in the Tribes - 6:26
  8. Canyon of the Big Didge - 6:09
  9. Navajo Sky - 7:56
  10. Campfire on the Dunes - 10:36

Publisher No.:
(1993) Silver Wave Records - SD-802

Globalarium is a collection of pieces, whose central theme is a portrait of a unified world in harmony, through a light-hearted fusion of multiple ethnic music styles. Drawing much from rhythmic inspiration, and balancing on the central pivot of Western style 'grooves', the music sees the meeting of such diverse elements as didjeridu, classical flute, trumpet, shakuhachi, recorder, steel drum as well as a large selection of sampled and electronic sounds. Andy Peters plays didjeridu.
Reviewer: Liner Notes

This isn't an all-didj album by any means, but I happened to hear one of the cuts while on a plane and switching channels (I "never" listen to new-age-y stuff), and immediately looked up the CD on the CDC database and ordered it. 10 tracks, all good, some incredible. One is called 'Canyon of the Big Didge'.
Reviewer: David Fiedler

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