Atherton, Michael

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Atherton, Michael



Michael Athertonguitar, bamboo flute, psalteries, didjeridu, synthesizer, tin whistle, fretless bass, rainstick, bilbil, bamboo zither, changgo, panflute, gourd rattles, jews harp, saron, koto, sax, sawoo, wind gong, oud, piano, au'porare, digital delay, kulintang, japanese drum, congas
Rigel Bestacoustic bass
Mark Elliottsoprano sax, pyrex flute
Tribal Elder from Oenpelli - NTdidjeridu
Kevin Johnsonguitar
Charles Mollerhurdy gurdy

CD and cassette, Playing time 53:43 minutes

Track List:

Publisher No.:
(1993) Natural Symphonies - NS831

Alan Dargin plays on one track. Digitally recorded and mixed. Small World Music is the U.S. distributor.
Reviewer: Liner Notes

Michael Atherton is an ethnomusicologist. It also happens that he plays over 200 different indigenous instruments from the South Pacific to create an intriguing and soothing soundscape of 14 original compositions on his recording Windshift. From the flutes of Papua New Guinea to the Tahitian talking drums, Michael takes you on an aural journey that transcends the musical boundaries of the East and West. A celebration of the unique musicality of Asian-Pacific instruments.
Reviewer: Rhythm & Views

Wonderful 14 song set from Australia's foremost multi-instrumentalist and composer. Tunes were inspired by travels in the South Pacific and are played on a variety of instruments including the Polynesian bilbil, bamboo zither and didjeridu which open new horizons in the compositions and telegraph pictures. Booklet includes track by track details. Radio play galore. A listening feast both satisfying and soothing.
Reviewer: Music Releases Monthly

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