Nobody Knew the Time

Beasts of Paradise

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Beasts of Paradise

Nobody Knew the Time

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Stephen Kentdidjeridu, shakers
Geoffrey Gordondumbek, Zambian drums, tablas, percussion, Inuit throat singing
Barbara Imhoffharp, fuzz harp
Nancy Kaspardouble bass
Eda Maxymvocals
Kenneth NewbyInuit throat singing
Jai Uttaldotar
Kalonica McQuestenorgan, toy piano
Peter Whiteheadone string rebab, frame drum
Lynn Millerbagpipe

CD, Playing time 24:36 minutes

Track List:

  1. Nobody Knew the Time - 5:19
  2. Limehouse Chambers - 5:32
  3. Safe Love - 6:11
  4. Falling - 3:06
  5. Why Can't I Touch It? - 4:26

Publisher No.:
(1994) City of Tribes - COTCD006

A lyrical album with a folk approach incorporating harp and the fluent vocals of Eda Maxym.
Reviewer: John Morfit

Stephen's comment on this was 'a CD-EP 3 cuts with didj.' It is actually 5 cuts, 25 minutes in all and definitely some of my favorite Stephen Kent music.
Reviewer: Geoff Brown

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