Ready Made Boomerang, The

Deep Listening Band

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Deep Listening Band

Ready Made Boomerang, The


CD, Playing time 56:04 minutes

Track List:

  1. Balloon Payment - 0:45
  2. Metalorgy - 2:12
  3. Seven-Up - 2:39
  4. The Ready Made Boomerang - 10:28
  5. Phantom - 8:49
  6. CCCC (Cistern Chapel Chance Chants) - 19:54
  7. Geocentric - 10:54

Publisher No.:
(1991) New Albion - NA 044CD

Recorded in the Ft. Worden, WA Cistern, a huge underground concrete chamber featuring an extremely long reverberation time, this album is an experiment in sound. With Pauline Oliveros on accordion, Stuart Dempster on trombone and didjeridu and Panaiotis on vocals. Only one track features Stuart Dempster on a very long brass didjeridu. The Deep Listening Band was formed by Pauline Oliveros after the initial album by Oiveros, Dempster and Panaiotis, 'Deep Listening', was recorded in 1989.
Reviewer: John Morfit

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