Meridians of Time, The


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Meridians of Time, The

Non-traditional Didjeridu

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(1993) none - number not known , Rasta Robert:

The Diggdoctors are Ralph Oquendo, Late Wolf (M.Bakker) & Rasta Robert. The music is not simply music; rather it is the accompaniment or vehicle for a 'Dreamtime', a gathering of up to 40 people with the intention of entering into altered states to experience their personal dreamtime.

The Concert - some notes from the players... (snipped a bit). The jump into the Dreamtime... you can actually hear the exact moment the players make the link and jump into the Dreamtime. First you hear clapsticks randomly. The players are using the sound to follow a dreamtrack (altered state). Then suddenly you will hear, at the exact same moment, all the sticks come down together and begin a complex synchronized rhythm; welcome to the Dreamtime. The story-telling then starts with one Shaman traveling until he meets another. They converse in animal-voices, and then there is another. They travel deep into the Dreamtime. (...)the deep rhythmic tunes of Rasta Robert's yidaki and the hypnotic tunes of Late Wolf, building an intensive web of sound. Shamanic voices(...) Both the yidaki and the human voice can 'sing' overtones or cosmic tones. (...) Calling the Whales(...) You hear them calling and then you can actually feel the rhythm of their gigantic bodies. Feel them coming and talking in their huge overtone voices. The Ice Age Hunters. With the bells we are suddenly out and running across the Ice Age tundra's. You hear the hunters call to one another with the voices of the Animal Powers they hunt. Songs from the Heart From the Hunt to the Camp drums and the song of welcome. A song to 'the Four Directions'. An honest and true voice. Then :Celebration!(...)a very virtuoso solo on the yidaki where Ralph Oquendo singles out only the overtones of his yidaki to imitate the human voice. (...) Then Intrusion carries us back to our starting place to complete the circle.
Reviewer: Rasta Robert

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