Live in Iceland

Drum Club

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Drum Club

Live in Iceland


CD, Playing time 60:00 minutes

Track List:

  1. Oscillate and Infiltrate - 9:51
  2. Bug - 5:58
  3. Follow the Sun - 7:46
  4. Reefer - 6:32
  5. Crystal Express - 7:57
  6. De-lushed - 5:21
  7. Plateau of Wolves - 7:04
  8. U Make Me Feel So Good - 9:26

Publisher No.:
(1995) Instinct Records - EX314-2

Drum Club goes to Iceland and plays live club dates with Anabel Simmons on didjeridu. The mix is very different with extreme emphasis on the synthesizers and drum machines. Anabel can be heard but at a much lower level than the studio album. She is heard as an intro on 'Bug' and as an intro plus interludes on 'De-lushed'.
Reviewer: John Morfit

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