Terra Incognita


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Terra Incognita

Non-traditional Didjeridu

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publisher not known - WEA 255411-2 , Log Label PO Box 212, Rozelle, NSW 2039, Australia

I could go without much of the keyboards of this group (the timbre's often trite ala $99.95 Casio -- which is disturbing given the richness of the didj accompanying it). However, several of the songs on this album work for me. Note also that Rob Hirst, of Midnight Oil, plays the percussion on a couple tunes from the first side. 'To Drought', the first song on the second side, I reminisce of the hours and hours of driving down one-lane bitumen in the Australian outback, the windows rolled down on the '79 Holden Gemini. The guitar provides welcome accompaniment and the keyboards are generally rich and complementary. 'Morning', also on the second side, is an interesting exploration of vocal timbres amidst the cancellations and tonal variations in a pair of 'dueling didjs'. There's no other instrumentation and the voice sings no words: just an interesting interplay of sounds. Finally, 'Anthem', the last song, Rob Schad again joins Charlie McMahon for another ethereal meander through the soundscape. Again, the keyboards work (except for a slightly cloying sci-fi whistle that flits off into space near the end of the song -- how cliche'ed.)
Reviewer: Patrick Jenning

The most popular recording of this well knows Australian band. A synthesis of didjeridu, keyboards and guitar to produce a unique, ambient sound. The didjeridu is played by Charlie McMahon, who is acclaimed for his innovative use of the didjeridu.
Reviewer: The Australian Cultural Experience

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