Ocho Elephantes

Kent, Stephen

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Kent, Stephen

Ocho Elephantes

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Ben Daviescello
Ricky Edwardssax, bass-clarinet & flute improv on "Melones" pt.1
Will Emblingtrumpet
Sianed Jonesviolin, voice
Stephen Kentdidjeridu, drums, percussion, guitar, electric-bass
Eddy Sayerpercussion, bamboo and cymbal impro on "Melones" pt.1

cassette, Playing time --:-- minutes

Track List:

  1. Pareja - --:--
  2. Entrada - --:--
  3. Andando - --:--
  4. Carmen - --:--
  5. Melones pt. 1 & 2 - --:--
  6. Elephant - --:--
  7. That is Doo - --:--
  8. Toots pt. 1 & 2 - --:--

Publisher No.:
(1989) publisher not known - number not known

Born in Devon, England, raised in Uganda, a former musical director of Circus Oz, founder member of seminal acapella world/punk combo Furious Pig, Didjeridu master Stephen Kent is currently resident in San Francisco, CA. Eight pieces of music composed and arranged by Stephen Kent for the choreography of Maria-Antonia Oliver, Barcelona 1989/1990.

Simon Tassano - sound engineer; Pete Townsend - double-bass. Produced by Stephen Kent and Simon Tassano. All musicians appear courtesy of "Lights in A Fat City: P.O. Box 1940, London, England. Dancers: Aurora Gorriz, Montse LLabres, Elisenda Munoz, Maria-Antonia Oliver. Recorded at Elephant Studios, London, except Thant is Doo", recorded in Katie Ducks' dance studio.
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