Songs from the Burnt Earth

Kent, Stephen

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Kent, Stephen

Songs from the Burnt Earth

Non-traditional Didjeridu

cassette, Playing time 58:52 minutes

Track List:

  1. Honey Cave - 2:16
  2. From the Root - 3:58
  3. Spirit Tree - 4:31
  4. Tofani Dreaming - 4:39
  5. The Red Man - 6:52
  6. Flying in the New Born Day - 4:38
  7. Chi - 0:58
  8. Honey Cave Bee - 1:37
  9. Harmonic City - 10:31
  10. Tuva Sunset - 18:57

Publisher No.:
(1992) Burnt Earth Music - 001 , Burnt Earth Music, 4241 Edge Drive, Oakland, CA 94602

This is contemporary music. Traditionally the didjeridu is played by Aboriginal tribes in Northern Australia who have used it in ritural ceremonies for at least 50,000 years. It is a eucalyptus tree eaten hollow by termites and is blown with a circular breathing technique enabling the player to keep a continuous sound. These pieces are reflections of the environments in which they were played. They were recorded in natural locations in the Bay Area with a Sony Datman and a stereo microphone. There are no studio effects. The didgeridoo is played with the greatest respect for the aboriginal peoples of Australia and their struggle for Land Rights in their homeland." Musicians: Stephen Kent (didjeridus, shakers, click sticks).
Reviewer: Liner Notes

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