Desert Storm

Lewis and Young Ensemble

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Lewis and Young Ensemble

Desert Storm


Tom E. Lewisdidjeridu
Christopher Youngflute, clarinet, saxophone
Nick Haywoodstring bass
Edward Yorkpercussion, congas
Tom E. Lewisdidjeridu
Christopher Youngclarinet, flute

, Playing time 74:30 minutes

Track List:

  1. Celtic Dreaming - 7:19
  2. Peace-One - 4:44
  3. Grandfather's Blues - 5:37
  4. Duet 2 - 3:23
  5. Travelling - 3:49
  6. The Chant - 4:30
  7. Desert Storm - 8:03
  8. Collage - 7:35
  9. That One - 4:39
  10. Shikoku - 5:02
  11. Street Spirits - 7:04
  12. The Seagull - 7:17
  13. The Chant - Reprise - 4:24

Publisher No.:
SBS Homeland - SBS 0014

The Ensemble grew out of the Lewis and Young Duet who have performed together around the world since 1990. They were joined by Nick Haywood and Edward York in 1992. The standard is high throughout and will appeal to jazz and didjeridu fans. The didjeridu playing is very smooth with a lot of vocalization. It is used more often as a bass melody though sometimes providing the rhythm. The didjeridu is very well complemented by the woodwind of Chris Young; the flute also is played with multiphonics and vocalization. Tracks to listen for are: Duet 2, a duet with double bass and didj in a conversational style; Travelling, where the flute notably is pushed to its limits; and The Chant, a haunting clarinet didjeridu duet. This CD is also a rich resource for extending your didj reportoire with many interesting didj effects and a performance style that I have not heard elsewhere.
Reviewer: Martin O'Loughlin

The sound of the Australian group Lewis & Young is a highly personal blend of Western jazz and Aboriginal music. The band features the didgeridoo player Tom E. Lewis (also known for his acting roles in films like 'The Chant Of Jimmy Blacksmith') and the flutist and clarinetist Christopher Young (he too can be seen in a variety of movies). The international press recently praised the band for 'setting the right tone between the ancient and the modern' and for 'its great spirituality'. At the North Sea Jazz Festival the two musicians will be joined on stage by the Australian guitarist Mark Finsterer.

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