Bunggridj-bunggridj: Wangga Songs

Maralung, Alan

New Song (19k bytes), (465k bytes)

Maralung, Alan

Bunggridj-bunggridj: Wangga Songs

Traditional Didjeridu

Alan Maralungvocals and click sticks
Peter Manaberudidjeridu

CD and cassette, Playing time 47:21 minutes

Track List:

  1. New Song - 3:38
  2. Bushfire - 3:19
  3. Ibis - 5:39
  4. Green Frog - 8:52
  5. Jabiru - 4:59
  6. Brolga - 6:03
  7. Garranan - 6:21
  8. Minmin Light - 8:30

Publisher No.:
(1993) Smithsonian/Folkways - SF 40430

Traditional music of the world from the Smithsonian folk label. Recorded in 1988. Program notes (45 pages) are informative with numerous references.

While there is not as much didj (no multiple didjes, and some tracks have no didj at all), the CD "Waanga Songs" by Alan Maralung is very good for singing (chanting, as you say) and click sticks. I find it to be meditative, YMMV. (N.B. The CD is from Smithsonian/Folkways and I have seen it both with and without the 44 page descriptive booklet for the same price. There is little or no discusion of didj in the booklet, but for the price these CDs go for you might as well have the book...).
Reviewer: Mike Van Bundt

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