Dreamtime Stories of My People

Maza, Bob

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Maza, Bob

Dreamtime Stories of My People

Traditional Didjeridu

cassette, Playing time 79:25 minutes

Track List:

  1. The 1st Sunrise - 5:50
  2. Gurukman the Frog - 10:30
  3. Moola the Pelican - 10:00
  4. The First Kangaroo - 4:00
  5. Emu and Wild Turkey - 10:35
  6. The First Barramundi Fish - 8:00
  7. The Rainbow Serpent - 5:15
  8. Old Yirbaik-Baik And Her Dingoes - 8:50
  9. Wonga Pigeon And The White Waratah - 7:40
  10. The Birth Of The Butterflies - 8:45

Publisher No.:
Australian Music International - AM003

Bob Maza relates a number of wonderful stories of the Dreaming. This tape returned me to my youth, when I was given a present of Roberts and Mountford's beautifully illustrated book called Dreamtime, a collection of stories of the Dreaming. This tape, like my childhood book, is a wonderful one to have, for both the child and adult alike. In the same way that I have, since the passing of my childhood, periodically re-read my book, I am sure that you too will enjoy many repeated listenings to this tape.
Reviewer: Sean Borman

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