Echoing Delight

Obmana, Vidna

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Obmana, Vidna

Echoing Delight


CD, Playing time 67:40 minutes

Track List:

  1. Winter Movement - 8:00
  2. Crystal Travelling - 9:25
  3. The Empty Night - 7:50
  4. Echoing Delight - 17:30
  5. Narrow Gloom (part two) - 10:00
  6. Glass Splendor - 14:55

Publisher No.:
(1993) Extreme - XCD 022

Composed, arranged, and played by VIDNA OBMANA, except "Narrow Gloom (part two)" by VIDNA OBMANA and Djen Ajakan Shean. Recorded and mixed between January 1992 and March 1993. Digitally mastered at Eastfield Studio in March 1993, except "The Empty Night". Cover image by Doriana Corda. Image Processing: Michael Brand.
Reviewer: Liner Notes

Serene atmospherics that emerge from the cavernous depths as sonic waves. These sounds are created by the use of synthesizer, samples, didgeridoo and a variety of ethnic instruments, formed layer upon layer. Amidst this density are combined percussive instruments, sometimes subtle and seductive, other times prominent and punctual. It is this considerably large palette of sounds that makes Echoing Delight a significant release for Belgian composer Vidna Obmana. Whilst the use of synthesizer and other electronic sources has become the foundation of his work, ethnic instruments are featuring more in the music. This expands the range of moods and textures that are experienced on Echoing Delight. An album to permeate the space around you when played at low volumes and when played loud, offers a kaleidoscope of music to explore. Electronics, percussion, bells, gong, vocals and found sounds meld into a meditative stream. Vidna Obmana has enlisted the talents of fellow Belgian musicians Djen Ajakan Shean, for drum programming and percussion on "Narrow Gloom (part two)", and Tom Kloeck, for pottery shells, rainmaker and gong on "Winter Mouvement". Vidna Obmana 's live performances throughout Europe continue to be enjoyed by more and more people, with the Echoing Delight concert already being favourably received in Belgium. Vidna Obmana has been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike for his collaborative undertaking, "Terrace of Memories", with Sam Rosenthal on the Projekt label, U.S.A. Vidna Obmana already has an impressive list of solo releases, with the commissioned work for the Belgian Aquarium also being planned for release. Echoing Delight is a subtle fusion of electronic and acoustic elements.

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