Deep Listening

Oliveros, Pauline

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Oliveros, Pauline

Deep Listening


, Playing time 62:45 minutes

Track List:

  1. Lear - 24:48
  2. Suiren - 9:51
  3. Lone - 17:30
  4. Nike - 10:36

Publisher No.:
(1989) New Albion - NA 022

On this project, accordianist Pauline Oliveros has teamed up with trombonist Stuart Dempster and vocalist Panaiotis to produce a remarkable album of atmospheric space music. The recording took place in a huge cistern in an army fort (Ft. Warden, Washington), an acoustic space characterized by tremendous reverberation. The unlikely instruments, primarily accordian, trombone, didjeridu and vocals, produce sustained tones that are subtly modulated by the remarkable acoustics, making it often seem that there are more instruments present, or as if this music has been electronically processed, neither of which is the case. All the music was improvised on site, with the musicians banging on metal pipes and found objects on the final track. The effect is remarkable, immersing the listener in a hypnotic field of shifting resonance, in a truly profound experience of deep listening! Rated 7 out of 9 by AMG.

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