Dance the Devil Away


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Dance the Devil Away

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Graham WigginsDidjeridu and melodica
Martin CradickGuitar, mandolin, african drum and shaker
Sagar N'GomDjembes, Mbala, Tama
Ian CampbellDrum Kit
Paddy LeMercierViolin

CD and cassette, Playing time 42:54 minutes

Track List:

  1. Cuban Connections - 4:18
  2. Aziz Aziz - 5:02
  3. Two In the Bush - 5:11
  4. Desert Rain - 5:20
  5. What Can I Say - 8:07
  6. Medina - 6:26
  7. Dance the Devil Away - 7:19
  8. Animal Life - 6:11

Publisher No.:
(1991) Hannibal - HNCD 1369

A slightly faster recording than Baka, with additional instruments and players. Paddy LeMercier of Toulouse, France plays violin blending a variety of styles including Celtic, Cajun, gypsy, mid-eastern. Sagar N'Gom from Senegal, Africa plays traditional African drums and Ian Campbell plays drum kit. The songs are as melodic as Baka's, but the styles range farther, from Arabic to Cajun to Afro-Cuban.
Reviewer: John Morfit

If you enjoy jazz, and relaxed gypsy style music, then you'll likeOutback a lot. Graham and Martin are both classically trained musicians. Martin's classical guitar education shines through in Outback's work. I'm struggling to describe their music, but if you've every heard the South African band "Tananas," (unlikely) and liked them, then Outback is for you. Don't forget that Graham Wiggins went on to become Dr. Didj., so check out that entry in the discography. Dance The Devil Away is very similar to "Baka" in style, but is still very enjoyable. It draws on musical influences from around the globe interpreted into the unique Outback style.
Reviewer: Sean Borman

Another popular mix featuring didjeridu with varied world rhythms including guitar, drums, Senegalese percussion, and French fiddle.

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