Winds of Warning

Plack, Adam & Johnny (White Ant) Soames

The Hunt (In Respect for Food) (504k bytes)

Plack, Adam & Johnny (White Ant) Soames

Winds of Warning

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Adam Plackdidjeridu
Johnny 'White Ant' Soamesdidjeridu
Jason Oliver Baker
Paul Graf

CD and cassette, Playing time 43:19 minutes

Track List:

  1. Winds of Warning (Responsibility) - 5:05
  2. Initiation (Change) - 4:50
  3. The Hunt (In Respect for Food) - 4:22
  4. Solo Didgeridoo (Portrait) - 3:07
  5. The River (Fate) - 5:13
  6. Crocodile Totem (Respect) - 4:22
  7. Underground, In the Air, On the Ground - 5:03
  8. Snake in the Grass (Fear of the Unknown) - 1:56
  9. Willi Willi (Spirits in the Sky) - 4:33
  10. Lizard Walk (Desert Life) - 4:48

Publisher No.:
(1993) Australian Music International - AMI 2002-2

The didjeridu is featured, and I like the combinations and arrangements more than the more rock based music with didj accompaniment that I have heard so often. There is one didjeridu 'nature study' in which Johnny (White Ant) Soames imitates a boomerang, blow fly, crickets, bullfrog, cave, crow, bush pigeon, kookaburra, emu, raven, dingo, kangaroo, dog and lizard. Very interesting!
Reviewer: Judy

Side one is a didjeridu, voice, guitar, and keyboards ambient collaboration. Side two has fantastic traditional didj, clapsticks and chanting.
Reviewer: The Australian Cultural Experience

Multi-instrumentalist Adam Plack and didjeridu master Johnny "White Ant" Soames in a percussive and dynamic evocation of the outbaack. Traditionaal music rewored in a contemporary form.
Reviewer: Marcus Breen

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