Dawn Until Dusk - Tribal Songs and Didgeridoo

Plack, Adam & Johnny (White Ant) Soames

Kookaburra (36k bytes), Kookaburra (629k bytes)

Plack, Adam & Johnny (White Ant) Soames

Dawn Until Dusk - Tribal Songs and Didgeridoo

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Adam Plackdidjeridu
Johnny 'White Ant' Soamesdidjeridu
William Brady
Luke Cummings

CD and cassette, Playing time 52:06 minutes

Track List:

  1. Kookaburra - --:--
  2. Juddada - --:--
  3. Eagle Totem - --:--
  4. Mayi Wonba - --:--
  5. Blow Fly Totem - --:--
  6. Wonjul Wonjul - --:--
  7. Lizard Walk Totem - --:--
  8. Kangaroo Totem 1 & 2 - --:--
  9. Injarda Bygung - --:--
  10. Walking Totem - --:--
  11. Waddama - --:--
  12. Cricket & Bullfrog Totem - --:--

Publisher No.:
(1992) Australian Music International - AMI 3003-2 , CD World

Excellent ! The didjeridu performance, though not in traditional style, wonderfully captures the spirit of the bush and wildlife within. Truly worthwhile listening to this one. The interested student could learn a lot about rhythm and vocalization from this recording.
Reviewer: Sean Borman

Adam's 3rd album with didgeridoo maker Johnny White Ant Soames and tribal songmen from the Ku-Ku Imaji and Ku-Ku Yalanji clans of far north Queensland. On location, they recorded 40,000 year old tribal songs and several contemporary Didgeridoo wildlife totems.

Was recorded on location in the bush of Northern Queensland. Songs and totems, or characteristic sounds performed on the didjeridu of the Ku-Ku Imaji and Ku-Ku Yalanji people are documented amid the ambient noises of people, animals, birds, insects and water.
Reviewer: The Australian Cultural Experience

A wonderful and atmospheric recording with vivid sounds of the Australian outback integrated with didjeridu and songs. Not entirely authentic, but not as New Age as the admirable CD Eco-pak, made from recyclable materials, might suggest.
Reviewer: Marcus Breen

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