Global House

Øystein Sevåg

Global House (215k bytes), Back In the Jungle (188k bytes)

Øystein Sevåg

Global House


Øystein Sevågkeyboards
Bendik Hofsethsax
Lakki Pateyacoustic guitar
Nils Petter Molvaertrumpet
Audun Erlienbass guitars
Rune Arnesendrums
Sergio Gonzalespercussion
Zotora Nygarddidjeridu
Lex van Somerengong
Oyvor Volleviolin
Berit Vaernesviolin
Nora Taksdalviola
Bjorg Vaernescello

CD and cassette, Playing time 45:38 minutes

Track List:

  1. Song from the Planet - 3:18
  2. Global House - 4:07
  3. Norwegian Mountains - 3:39
  4. Birds Flying - 3:47
  5. Evening - 3:20
  6. Thundernight - 7:04
  7. Psalme - 2:32
  8. Joy - 3:00
  9. Reflection - 2:38
  10. Back in the Jungle - 4:58
  11. Paris - 4:34
  12. Behind the Mirror - 2:31

Publisher No.:
(1995) Wyndham Hill - CD 019341118-2

A unique sonic painting that transcends borders between jazz, classical, ambient, and world music. Øystein Sevåg further builds his reputation with Global House as one of the most daring and distinctive creators of contemporary instrumental music. Often referred to as the Norwegian "Sound Painter," Sevåg weaves a brilliant multi-cultural tapestry, integrating musicians and influences from Europe, Brazil, Cuba, Africa, and Australia. Global House fuses intricate layers of jazz, classical, ambient, and world music into a dramatic soundscape that defies classification.
Reviewer: Liner Notes

Øystein Sevåg is joined by 12 other musicians, though not all instruments are used on all tracks. Didjeridoo player Zotora Nygard performs on tracks 2 (Global House) and 10 (Back in the Jungle). On track 2 the didj provides a solid rhythmic background to a fairly elaborate composition involving a number of other instruments. On Back in the Jungle, however, didj is featured more prominently; playing only with Øystein Sevåg on keyboards and Bendik Hofseth on sax. This track showcases the didj much more than track 2 did, and while there is nothing new or unusual in Nygard's fairly traditional performance it is well done and very listenable. I also enjoyed the other tracks on the CD, since jazz/classical/worldbeat is what I listen to most. The longest track (7:04), Thundernight, is one of the better classical/ambient pieces I have heard.
Reviewer: Mike Van Bundt

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