Inside Out

Spirit People

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Spirit People

Inside Out

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Stephen Kentdidjeridu

cassette, Playing time ~40:00 minutes

Track List:

Publisher No.:
(1989) Didjital - Didjital001

I also was loaned a 'copy of a copy' of a tape a friend of mine picked up years ago at a fair or street market sort of thing in Australia. The only words on it are : 'Spirit People'. It is very nice. Sounds like two, perhaps three didge players with various drums and click sticks. That's all, no nature sounds. Just good rhythms and didj playing.
Reviewer: Ed Drury

There are two tapes of Spirit People. The first was described in Ed Drury's abstract. It actually features 9 didge players and was recorded in NS Wales around 1989. One of those players goes by the name of Cyrung. For a short time in 1990, he was a part of Lights in a Fat City. As far as I know, he now lives in London. His credits include playing on a CD by the group COIL.
Reviewer: Stephen Kent

Nine didjeridus and natural percussion produce the varying sounds and rhythm of the natural world.
Reviewer: The Australian Cultural Experience

A collectors piece, 9 didgeridoos and percussion weave a jungly journey. Four tracks, each 10 minutes.
Reviewer: Cyrung

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