Simple Harmonic Motion

Spirit People

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Spirit People

Simple Harmonic Motion

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Stephen Kentdidjeridu

cassette, Playing time --:-- minutes

Track List:

  1. Side A: Simple Harmonic Motion - --:--
  2. Side B: Jungle Emotion - --:--

Publisher No.:
(1990) Expand Productions - Didjital002

Tibetan Overtone Chanting is an influence in this tape. Two Didgeridoos were used, plus samples (on Jungle Emotion). Meditating with this tape is very easy. Chant or lay back and hear the "Chant" in the Didgeridoos.

He an I recorded a bunch of material in two big A didjs while in an altered state. Our intention was to play space forever. We failed. Later, though, he put some of the music out in cassette and we agreed it should also be SPIRIT PEOPLE - Simple Harmonic Motion.
Reviewer: Stephen Kent

Cyrung - Didgeridoo, Stephen Kent - Didgeridoo, S. Tassano: Engineering and effects, S. Stewart: Cover.
Reviewer: Liner Notes

Featuring didjeridu player Cyrung, of Glastonbury Festival and Tribal Drift fame. Two didjeridus work to produce a haunting sound, ideal for meditation.
Reviewer: The Australian Cultural Experience

A collectors piece. Two didgeridoos in a low key of A, plus jungle sound samples of the rainforest create a meditational journey. Thru demand we will be compiling a CD of the two Spirit People tapes. Available soon (1999).
Reviewer: Cyrung

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