Earth Island

Suspended Memories

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Suspended Memories

Earth Island


Steve Roachsynthesizers, samplers, hybrid percussion sampling and programming, didjeridu, rhythm and drum programming, melting keyboards, breathy ocarina, ratchet percussion, foot sounds
Jorge ReyesMayan trumpet, voice, clay pots, Native American flute, percussion, pre-hispanic whistle flute, handclaps, conch shell, log drums, ocarina, stones, water pot, foot sounds
Suso Saizelectric and acoustic guitars, hypnotics, melting guitar, short wave radio, foot sounds

CD and cassette, Playing time 56:01 minutes

Track List:

  1. The Sky Opens - 4:16
  2. Earth Island - 8:17
  3. Curandera - 7:53
  4. Melting World - 8:10
  5. First Man (Watakame) - 4:33
  6. Places Inbetween - 11:42
  7. First Blessing - 7:35
  8. El Mitote - 3:35

Publisher No.:
(1994) Hearts of Space - HS11043

The musicians themselves haven't had the time to rest on their laurels. They were also transformed by the experience and couldn't wait to jump off the creative edge together again. With Forgotten Gods barely in stores last spring, the trio juggled European concert dates with recording sessions for a new Suspended Memories release. The schedule was grueling -- intensive, highly improvisatory performances alternating with all-night brainstorms in studios from Madrid to Northern Germany. It was a far cry from the seclusion of Roach's Arizona-based studio where Forgotten Gods was recorded. There, the primal magic and serenity of the Sonoran desert nourished the group's initial, neo-ritualistic excursion. But in Europe, the gods were buried under thousands of years of architecture, etiquette, industry and complacency. Still, the trio managed to map out places in between and outside Old World decorum, finally blasting through the confines of time and space as they united cultures, instruments and musical styles with sounds that seemed to be seeping in from some parallel universe. With its mammoth beats, ceremonial rhythms, wailing Mayan trumpets, growling didgeridoos, Mexican field recording fragments, alien tone colors and surrealistic electric guitar melodies, Earth Island conjures up swirling apparitions from the past and the future. For Roach, Reyes and Saiz, there were no boundaries, only waves of sound splashing against the big island we call earth, washing relics from some distant clan onto new shores, eroding the conventions of the present and carrying the remains out to sea.
Reviewer: Linda Kohanov

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