Trance Mission

Trance Mission

Bo Didgeley (50k bytes), Tunnels (54k bytes)

Trance Mission

Trance Mission


Beth Custerclarinets, toy horns, voice, sticks, gong, angel tube, clapping
Kenneth Newbysulings, p'iri, khaen, gongs, samples, klunting, horns, stickes, clapping
Stephen Kentdidjeridus, animal horns, shakers, sticks, surdo, voice, percussion, clapping
John Loosetar, bodhran, tablas, kit, samples, kalimba, moorsing, kanjira, riqq, sticks, voice, clapping
Will Bernardguitar
Eda Maxymvoice
Dan Reitercello
Alex Stahltreatments
Jai Uttaldotar, gub-gubbi, kartals

CD and cassette, Playing time 58:27 minutes

Track List:

  1. Bo Didgeley - 4:12
  2. Folk Song - 4:24
  3. Tunnels - 11:04
  4. Rig - 6:14
  5. Tjilpi II - 5:24
  6. Vee Dee Vu - 6:30
  7. Kif - 5:47
  8. Red Man - 5:24
  9. Icaro - 9:52

Publisher No.:
(1993) City of Tribes - COTCD-002

Trance Mission plays original music that alternatively rages, bristles, and glides through a new world of aboriginal drones, ployrhythmic percussion, chanting vocals, processed sample textures, and the looping acrobatics of clarinets, animal horns, and Balinese flutes.

A dark, somewhat jazzy flavor with bass clarinet and space sounds. Excellent percussion by John Loose on a variety of Indian, Celt and American drums. Kenneth Newby (khaen, suling, ghatam, samples, vocals) and Stephen Kent (didjeridu) team with Beth Custer on clarinet.
Reviewer: John Morfit

Copyright 1997 by John Morfit - All Rights Reserved