Didgeridoos - Sounds of the Aborigine Ourimbah


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Didgeridoos - Sounds of the Aborigine Ourimbah

Traditional Didjeridu

CD, Playing time 29:11 minutes

Track List:

  1. Ourimbah - 4:50
  2. Attunga - 4:02
  3. Googoorah - 3:40
  4. Warrigal - 3:29
  5. Gallie-Barinda - 3:14
  6. Witgweri - 2:11
  7. Yooyoongan - 4:20
  8. Yoogali - 3:25

Publisher No.:
Nesak International - 19814-02 , Nesak Intl. 21000 Boca Rio Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33433

Ourimbah - A "bora" or sacred ceremonial site. Deep didjeridus featured with traditional rhythms. Attunga - A high place. A place of echoes. The resonating sounds of various didjerudus echoing through the mountains. Googoorah - Features the song of the "laughing jackass". Warrigal - Sounds of the wandering dingos who follow outlawed tribes of natives along the outback tracks. Gallie-Barinda - A large waterfall or cascade found in the forest. Witgweri - The sound of the wind whistling through the she oaks. Yooyoongan - The sound of the humpback whales, heard from the shores of what is now called "Hervey Bay" in Queensland. Yoogali - To rejoice, exult and be happy. The sounds of a native camp after a great hunt. Meetings of old friends from other tribes.
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