Songs from the Northern Territories 2


Numbulwar 1963 8a. Didjeridu only (84k bytes)


Songs from the Northern Territories 2

Traditional Didjeridu

CD, Playing time 47:43 minutes

Track List:

  1. Brolga corroboree sung by Gulundu, Ngardhangi and Arrama with Rimili (didjeridu) - 6:03
  2. Brolga Corroboree, item vi-x. - 5:58
  3. Brolga Corroboree, item xi-xv. - 6:02
  4. Brolga Corroboree, item xvi-xix - 4:39
  5. Brolga Corroboree, item xx-xxi. - 3:36
  6. Brolga (i-ii) sung by Arrama with Munguyana (didjeridu) - 3:33
  7. Brolga (i-ii) sung by Gulundu with Magun (didjeridu). - 2:23
  8. (a) Didjeridu only. - 1:08
  9. (b) Mouth sounds by Magun. - --:--
  10. (a) Brolga sung by Ngardhangi with Mangayana (didjeridu). - 3:55
  11. (b) Didjeridu only. - --:--
  12. (c) Mouth sounds - --:--
  13. (a) Feathered Strings sung by Larangana with Mungayana (didjeridu). - 1:24
  14. (b) Didjeridu only. - --:--
  15. (c) Mouth sounds by Mungayana. - --:--
  16. (d) Mouth sounds by Larangana. - --:--
  17. (a) Morning Star sung by Gabuyingl with Dagdag (didjeridu). - 4:05
  18. (b) Pigeon (i-ii) Gabuyingl with Dagdag. - --:--
  19. (a) Brolga (i-ii) by Gabulyingl with Dagdag (didjeridu). - 3:33
  20. (b) Didjeridu and mouth sounds. - --:--
  21. Song words spoken by Gamargadada for track 7; by Bagalangai for song 12a. - 1:24

Publisher No.:
(1967/1988) Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies - AIAS 2 CD

Sub-titled: Aboriginal Music from Eastern Arnhem Land (Corroboree Songs with Didjeridu; Demonstrations of Didjeridu Playing and Practising Mouth Sounds; Spoken Word Songs). Originally published in 1967 on LP, latest re-release, 1991 on compact disc.
Reviewer: Liner Notes

Like the previous volume, this one is definitely of interest to those with a deep interest in aborigine corroboree songs and didjeridu accompaniment. Most interesting to the didjeridu enthusiast are the didjeridu only tracks which are magnificent to listen to and learn from. The overtone playing and vocalizations are worthy of careful attention.
Reviewer: Sean Borman

Of the five recordings, this is the one for didjeridu enthusiasts. The recording includes many tracks featuring the didjeridu rather than vocal parts and frequently after a didjeridu piece there is a voice imitation of the rhythm just played. This is an excellent album for learning traditional playing - if you can keep up!
Reviewer: John Morfit

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