No World (Trio) Improvisations

No World Improvisations

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No World Improvisations

No World (Trio) Improvisations


Joseph Cellireeds
Jin Hi Kimkyagum
Mor Thiampercussion
Adam Plackdidjeridu
Shelley Hirschvoice
Malcolm Goldsteinviolin
Alvin Curranelectronics

CD, Playing time 50:56 minutes

Track List:

  1. Triple AAA - 8:08
  2. April One - 10:55
  3. Baccalau Trio - 11:30
  4. My Friends - 9:20
  5. Valentine Ashes - 10:41

Publisher No.:
(1992) O. O. Discs - #4

Features the music of composer/double reed virtuoso Joseph Celli and Korean-American composer/performer Jin Hi Kim, in collaboration with five brilliant new music/world music improvisers, resulting in five uniquely individualistic trio improvisations. The music crosses the borders of new, experimental, and world musics, with each work developing a distinct musical statement. This is the second No World Improvisations release by the Celli and Kim duo, who are joined by adventurous improvisers Adam Plack, didgeridoo; Mor Thiam, African percussion; Shelley Hirsch, voice; Malcolm Goldstein, violin; and Alvin Curran, electronics. All of the pieces reflect the strong individuality of the musicians creating them, ranging in sound from a meditative trance state to hyper downtown improv.

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