Music of My People

Maza, Bob

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Maza, Bob

Music of My People

Traditional Didjeridu

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Track List:

  1. Rock Possum - Tjoli Laiwongkwa, Tom Yorkdjanki (didjeridu). - 1:13
  2. Corroboree - anon. - 2:30
  3. Camp Song - Kalumburu Community. - 2:35
  4. Butcher Bird - Tjoli Laiwongkwa, Tom Yorkdjanki. - 2:35
  5. Didjerdiu Solo - Wandjuk Marika - 0:50
  6. Didjeridu Solo Kookaburra - David Blanatji. - 0:30
  7. Didjeridu Solo Dingo - David Blanatji - 0:40
  8. Traditional Song - Yuendumu Community. - 2:00
  9. Traditional Song - Bathurst Island Community. - 1:50
  10. Kulama Song Shark - Aloysius Puantulura. - 1:30
  11. Lullaby - Mornington Island Dancers. - 0:45
  12. Djaru (Farewell to the Dead) - Tjoli Laiwongkwa, Tom Yorkdjanki. - 2:27
  13. Side B - repeat of side A, without commentary - --:--

Publisher No.:
Australian Music International - AM002

Aboriginal Actor Bob Maza narrates this introduction to a wide range of music making. Recorded examples are heard all throughout the tape - side two being the examples without the narration. Includes a brief introduction to didjgeridu, boomerang clapsticks, songs of celebration, a lullaby, and much more. CD version has five Dreamtime stories narrated by Bob Maza.

Bob Maza explains the traditional music of his people along with excellent samples of the music he discusses. Side A contains his commentary along with the music, which includes traditional songs, nature imitations, corroboree songs and more. Naturally yidaki plays a major role. Side B contains the music only. Perhaps the only disappointment with this tape is the fact that is isn't 3 hours longer! A worthwhile tape if you do spot it on the racks, for the both the beginner, for whom the narration will be most useful, and the advanced player, who, no doubt will benefit from many close listenings to the traditional playing styles.
Reviewer: Sean Borman

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