Wild Honey Dreaming

Lee, Riley & Matthew Doyle

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Lee, Riley & Matthew Doyle

Wild Honey Dreaming


Riley Leeshakuhachi
Matthew Doyledidjeridu

CD and cassette, Playing time --:-- minutes

Track List:

  1. Daybreak at Katajuta - --:--
  2. Ancestral Being - --:--
  3. Child's Lament/Mother Where Are You? - --:--
  4. Wild Honey Dreaming - --:--
  5. Ghost Gums and the Moon - --:--
  6. Spirit Dance: The Winds of Change - --:--
  7. Travellers Song - --:--
  8. Desert Stars - --:--
  9. Space Time Transformations - --:--

Publisher No.:
New World Music - NWCD 710 , New World Productions, PO Box 244, Red Hill, Queensland 4059, Australia, Phone: (07) 367-0788, Fax: (07) 367-2441

Interesting combination of shakuhachi and didjeridu which should enlighten those of you who like the meditative aspects of didj playing. The shakuhachi featured looks to be about a meter long and has a beautiful bass sound that blends with the didj.
Reviewer: Guy Grant

This amazing album features the traditional wind instruments of Australia and Japan - the shakuhachi and didgeridoo combine to create haunting images of the Red Centre of Australia and its people - a remarkable recording that will find a place in our heart and link cultures and traditions through music.
Reviewer: Australian Music Online

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