Didgeridoo - Ancient Sound of the Future

Thomas, Gary

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Thomas, Gary

Didgeridoo - Ancient Sound of the Future

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Gary Thomasdidjeridu, sticks, voice, hand drum, shakers
Davy Jayhand drum, keyboards
Francois Bouquetvoice, tongue drum, flute

CD, Playing time 59:46 minutes

Track List:

  1. Didgeridoo - 10:55
  2. Breath - 7:31
  3. Journey - 7:39
  4. Looking - 4:25
  5. Stillness - 9:32
  6. Dance - 11:21
  7. Fulfillment - 8:22

Publisher No.:
(1996) Aquarius! International Music - AIM 0010 , AIM, P.O. Box 14 66, D-82199 Gilching/Munich, Germany

Didjeridu and percussion with a slightly Gabriel Roth-ish feel.

Gary is a sixth generation Australian who has spent 16 years traveling the continent of Australia having many adventures. Living by instinct and intuition he has learned much about the land and the Aboriginal people and their ancient culture which is still very much alive. Aboriginal tribal elders taught him to play the didgeridoo. The didgeridoo is an ancient instrument of sacred sound. He is using this instrument not only for music but also for sound therapy. Playing for autistic and severely handicapped children in Australia, the USA, England, Switzerland and Germany and for deaf and blind children in Tahiti - Gary is having many wonderful experiences with these children. So this instrument, the Didgeridoo, has not only given him a beautiful sound to play- it is also a fabulous gift and a way of life for him. He is sharing the sound and his dream with people in the whole world in solo concerts or with other musicians and in workshops about the sound and people of the 5th continent: Australia
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