Ritual Eternal

Def FX

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Def FX

Ritual Eternal


Charlie McMahondidjeridu

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Has anyone heard Charlie McMahon's playing on the new DEF FX album? For those who haven't heard this Oz band they sound like a cross between the Dead Kennedys, Sunscreem and Abba. Way weird! Charlie has contributed to 3 tracks. In one inspired moment there is a didge solo in the middle of what is verging on a thrash track with all the guitars turned up to 11. He also pumps out some great rhythms on Hymn to Her (he also gets a writing credit for that one). If you like rock as well as the more ambient style with didge you should find this album.
Reviewer: Mark Finney

Hard Core dance funk outfit have taken to the road in support of their new CD. 13 track and 65 minutes of music. it has taken 6 months to craft this album and the band are confident that it will worth the wait. Eastern sounds are prevalent, with harp, tabla, dilruba and even the didgeridoo of Charlie McMahon appearing.
Reviewer: Oz Records

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