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McMahon, Charlie



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(1995) Oceanic Music - number not known , Oceanic Music P.O. Box 212 Rozelle NSW 2039

Tjilatjila' (jilla-jilla) is a word from the Western Desert Aboriginal languages meaning slow and gentle movement and is the perfect title for Charlie McMahon's most recent offering. Released in 1995, 'Tjilatjila' is an acoustic album that features piano, guitar, fretless bass, violin and Didj. McMahon has pioneered an innovative use of the overtone on the Didj he has called 'Didge Horn'; by selecting didjeridu with appropriately tuned second harmonics (the blow hard 'hoot' sound) and playing them in sequence he has layered a melodic movement over the top of a tuned drone. The overall effect is 'didj melody' that is breathy and easy to listen to. 'Didge Horn' is the basis for some of the piano and string accompaniments. The rhythms in Tjilatjila are generally medium paced and very well mixed within the structures of the songs so that you can always hear the didj well - this is a bit of an engineering feat and demonstrative of Charlie 'Hook's' long relationship with Didjeridu and recording. The overall product is relaxed and melodically interesting. 'Tjilatjila' is a didjeridu classic.
Reviewer: Scot Gardner

More brilliant session musicians combine with Charlie to weave a delightful classical/acoustic tapestry that reflects 'Hooks'' mastery of the recorded medium. Fabulous use of second-harmonic hooting sounds from the Didjeridu to create simple and satisfying melodic lines to complement sweet and soulful tunes played on cello, piano and bass. A didjeridu classic.
Reviewer: Scot Gardner

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