Ancestral Rain

Whittemore, Tim

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Whittemore, Tim

Ancestral Rain

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Tim Whittemoredidjeridus, tuba
Tim Starnesrainstick

cassette, Playing time 57:20 minutes

Track List:

  1. Eggmaker - 7:29
  2. Before The D - 5:06
  3. Ancestral Rain - 16:00
  4. Lost In White - 28:45

Publisher No.:
(1995) None - WRCS 005 , Tim Whittemore, PO Box 4028, Salisbury MD, 21803

This piece (Lost in White) began with two tracks of simple droning didj pitched in D. Thes two tracks are used simultaneously at normal, half, and quarter speeds to produce lower octaves. The result is six tracks of didj, all phasin at different rates. An Eventide harmonizer was used in mixdown to create even more harmonics. Shortly after the peice begins, another track of the original pitch enters utilizing a rhythm in 7/4 meter. For me, this rhythm becomes the focsu of attention and carriers me to some unknown place. When it dies away, I then realize just how far I have gone. I see some infinite expanse of white surrounding me, and I have no idea of the natural laws here. There is a fear as I move forward since I have no way of telling that each step will be supported by the enveloping white, yet there is also an excitement and amazement at being in this unknown place. I imagine this is similar to being boarn into a new existence. The outcome is dependant upon whether I focus on the fear or the excitement. Tha is how this peice got the name Lost In White. Though your experience will most likely be different, this peice will take you somewhere if you let it.
Reviewer: Tim Whittemore

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