All Is One


Connecting Dreamtime (62k bytes)


All Is One

New Age

Robert Mattkeyboards, basses, glass tubes, sampling, programming
Annie Hilsbergflutes, saxophones, swaramandala, glass tubes
Jojo Jefticguitars
Achim Neukirchguitar
Andi McGuinnessdrums
Bela Brauckmanndrums
Nippy Noyapercussion
Micha Jochpercussion
Ralf Breitungswaramandala
Hanse Warnsglass tubes

CD, Playing time 60:29 minutes

Track List:

  1. Invoking the Spirit - 0:40
  2. Uno Domini - 5:22
  3. Out of the Deep - 4:43
  4. Moon in 44 - 5:03
  5. Entering the Zone - 1:14
  6. Sakusadhu - 4:41
  7. Banemai - 6:09
  8. Sioh Sayang - 5:32
  9. Connecting Dreamtime - 6:09
  10. Namah Shivayah - 5:05
  11. Bowing Down to the Ocean - 2:15
  12. Ho Doi - 13:40

Publisher No.:
(1996) Higher Octave Music - HOMCD 7083

Yulara's easy, meditative jazz structures combine with sampling of diverse sources such as Japanese monks to produce a very listenable album. Annie Hilsberg's flute and saxophone are nicely done. Cyrung plays didjeridu on track 9, 'Connecting Dreamtime' with a funky rhythm, guitar and flute accompaniment.
Reviewer: John Morfit

Yulara means 'the howling of the dingos' and is the name of an Australian village close to Ayers Rock. Join Yulara on a colorful and imaginative tour of the original mutualities between different tribes or nations and nature. Saxophones, flutes, guitars and keyboards combine with didjeridu, chanting, environmental sounds and urban jazz rhythms to create a place where 'all is one'. We believe there is a place that lives within us all. It is a place of vision an clarity, where the rhythm of life moves in harmony with a higher consciousness. The purpose of our music is to take you there. 'As in music, so in life'.
Reviewer: liner notes

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