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Native American

Steve Roach
Michael Stearns
Ron Sunsinger

CD, Playing time 67:15 minutes

Track List:

  1. Passage One - 2:27
  2. East Kiva: Calling in the Midnight Water - 13:42
  3. Passage Two - 1:59
  4. South Kiva: Mother Ayahuasca - 15:13
  5. Passage Three - 2:12
  6. West Kiva: Sacrifice, Prayer, and Visions - 17:27
  7. Passage Four - 2:00
  8. North Kiva: Trust and Remember - 9:42
  9. The Center - 2:33

Publisher No.:
(1995) Hearts of Space - HS11056-2

A seamless, extraordinary work of spiritual music. It grows more powerful with each listening.
Reviewer: WPNE, Green Bay, WI

The results are breathtaking....None of these deeply- textured impositions would be possible without digital recording and mixing techniques. But it is the skill, insight and personal affinity each of the composers brings to the project that makes the outcome so powerfully remarkable.
Reviewer: Tucson Citizen

The musicians skillfully merge these raw, native chants with their own electronic ambiences. The result is truly hallucinatory, and given the peyote and ayahuasca ceremonies from which the chants are derived, that makes a certain surreal sense. Tense electronic drones hang suspended like watchful spirits while electronic groans and sub-harmonic percussive growls twist and roil from the subconscious. The surging themes border, but never cross over, to melody. On "Trust and Remember," the trio gather in a cave and groove with drums, flutes, horns and didgeridoos for a sound that might bring ancient cave artists back to life.
Reviewer: Tower Pulse!

By tapping into the mystical aspects of traditional ceremonies, Roach, Stearns and Sunsinger have created a unique, imaginative fusion of ancient sounds with state-of- the-art productions and technology. The four major pieces that make up KIVA are linked by a vision quest. By mixing (authorized) tapes of ceremonies, including a peyote ritual and a Sundance, with their own charts, percussion and electronics, Roach et al., create an impressionistic journey, passing from the actual ceremonies to altered, dream-like states. The results are challenging and radically different from previous fusions of Native American music.
Reviewer: Down Beat

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