Head Light

Trance Mission

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Trance Mission

Head Light


Beth Custerclarinets, electric clarinet, trumpet, chistu, voice, ocarina, bells, sticks
Kenneth Newbysulings, p'iri, log drums, samples, klunting, solar winds, bamboo gamelan, prepared sitar, sticks, clapping
Stephen Kentdidjeridus, shakers, cello-sintir, ngoma, bowed cymbal, log drums, sticks, clapping
John Looseframe drums, tar, bendirs, dumbeks, log drums, samples and loops, kanjira, tablas, spirit chaser, illimba, shakers
Eda Maxymvoice
Jim Santitavil, jaw harp
Lorraine Thomsonvocals

CD, Playing time 57:18 minutes

Track List:

  1. Monkfish - 5:04
  2. Head Light - 10:32
  3. Alpha Swim - 5:31
  4. Worksong - 5:35
  5. In Frog Pajamas - 5:50
  6. The Sun Cries, part one - 6:45
  7. The Sun Cries, part two - 3:34
  8. Their Hands are Blue - 8:23

Publisher No.:
(1996) City of Tribes - COTCD-011

I wanted to write a few words about the brand new Trance Mission CD "Head Light", hot off the presses on Friday and given to me at the didj workshop on Saturday. Been listening to it since then, and I think it is their best work yet. I won't claim to be an unbiased reviewer since Stephen is my teacher and friend, but I am not uncritical. For example, I prefer their first work (Trance Mission) over their second (Meanwhile). I generally prefer more organic sounds to all that nifty studio work. Since I knew they were going still a bit farther with the recording wizardry in the new project, I was dreading having to tell Stephen, "Well, it's nice, but I really like the old stuff...". I don't. I was uh, entranced, by "Head Light". Unfortunately I don't have it here (at work) or I would make some more specific comments about the cuts. There are some interesting mixes with "real world" sounds, some great jams, whacked rhythms, serious trance music and kinky didj riffs and plenty of fine didj playing (not to mention fine clarinet, assorted asian flute and percussion playing as well). For those who might be interested, it's out now and it's really good.
Reviewer: Geoff Brown

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