Travellers Dream - Busking with the Didgeridoo

Mayer, Alex

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Mayer, Alex

Travellers Dream - Busking with the Didgeridoo

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Alex Mayerdidjeridu

CD, Playing time 55:29 minutes

Track List:

  1. Keep It Going - 5:37
  2. Waiting For A Lift - 3:10
  3. Travellors Dream - 9:47
  4. In The City - 3:41
  5. Take A Look At The Stars - 5:17
  6. They Call Me The Snake - 2:58
  7. Pure Energy - 8:16
  8. Start to Live - 6:28
  9. Snake Rider - 3:20
  10. Good Vibrations - 6:55

Publisher No.:
(1995) Ethic Records - CD Ethic 195 106 , Alex Mayer, Korngasse 13, A-6064 Rum, Austria TEL: 0 512 26 81 18

Alex Mayer was born in Innsbruck, Austria on 10 February 1973. Under the influence of his musical father, he started to learn the piano at the age eight. As a result of contacts with Australia he was introduced ot the sound of the didgeridoo (yidaki). He was fascinated by this style of music that he began to study the native instrument of the Australian aborigines. Soon he was an accomplished didjeridoo player and took to busking in the major cities of Europe. On his travels he met outstanding didjeridu artistes, and they would play together and compare notes. alex Mayer developed his own personal style of didjeridu music, and he made regular appearances as a solist and also in groups at a variety of events. This PolyglobeMusic album - Alex Mayer's recording debut - is an introduction to the mystical sound of the didjeridu. Quiet and meditative compositions alternate with pulsating primeval rhythms played on both eht traditional yidaki made fo eucalyptus wood and on a metal didjeridu made by Alex Mayer himself.
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