City Circles

Atkins, Mark

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Atkins, Mark

City Circles

Non-traditional Didjeridu

Mark Atkinsdidjeridu

CD, Playing time 35:47 minutes

Track List:

  1. The Emu & the Dog - 3.22
  2. Pavement Shuffle - 4:34
  3. City Circles - 2:55
  4. The Irish in Me - 3:11
  5. Dreamtime in the Meantime - 5:13
  6. Birds Eye View - 4:00
  7. Dance This Time Round - 4:42
  8. Hoot'n and the Technique - 1:56
  9. Reelin' Didge - 2:28
  10. Laughin' Didge - 3:26

Publisher No.:
(1996) Sunset Music - SM 2533 , Wild Releasing Pty Ltd., 133 Dowling St. Woollowooloo, NSW 2011, Australia

Mark Atkins is a Sydney based Didj player with more than his fair share of talent and expression on the Didjeridu. His Aboriginal/Irish heritage shines through on this debut CD 'Reelin' Didge' and 'The Irish In Me' drawing on traditional Irish Jig and Reel time. The album is mostly Didj with a hint of percussion and some pretty eclectic sound effects - city sounds and birds in the bush. There is a great land of contrast on this CD with some tracks really pumping - good examples of Mark's apptitude for rhythm (he started his musical career as a rock and roll drummer!) - and others quite ambient and relaxing. Many of the tracks on the album have had more than one layer of Didjeridu giving the overall pleasing effect of musical complexity and a very 'full' sound. Some of the effects that Mark has created on the Didjeridu are quite unique - with great use of three harmonics (levels of 'hoot' above the normal drone note ) in quick succession on 'Hootin' and the technique. 'Laughing Didge' is exactly that with Mark literally laughing his guts out down the Didjeridu - good fun. 'City Circles' was recorded in a very short period of time to be ready for an international tour, though the quality of the final product belies this fact. It gives the listener a good idea of Mark's style but would only have limited appeal to the unitiated Didj-fiend. It is a great solo Didj album - well worth a listen.
Reviewer: Scot Gardner

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