Night Garden Music


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Night Garden Music


Eda Maxymvoice, glass bowl, bottles, whistling
Stephen Kentdidjeridu, cello, bottles, tuba, ching, percussion, whistling
Miguel Frasconiglass harmonica, voice, bottles, zither, toy piano, kanjira, morsing, shakers, click sticks, ching, gongs, whistling, drums
Jim Santi Owenwater jug with shells, bells, bottles, udu, thavil, tabla tarang, morsing, shakers, click sticks, ching, gongs, whistling, khol

cassette, Playing time --:-- minutes

Track List:

  1. Night Fall - --:--
  2. Fireflies - --:--
  3. Asana Dreams - --:--
  4. Witching Hour - --:--
  5. Night Vision - --:--
  6. Garden Wall - --:--
  7. Plant Dreams - --:--
  8. Luna - --:--
  9. Night Garden - --:--

Publisher No.:
(1995) publisher not known - number not known , The Family Tree, 4241 Edge Drive, Oakland, CA 94602 Tel: 510- 530-3787

Night Garden was created, produced, and directed by Gay White with the Yoga Garden Dancers. The music was composed and performed by Frasconi, Kent, Maxym, & Owen. These are live recordings of performances at the Cowell Theater, SF; 4 & 5 Nov. 1995.
Reviewer: liner notes

Night Garden is an all acoustic set of songs. They are a bit out of context without the dancers, as you might expect, especially the pieces which are all whistling or all blown bottles. Stephen Kent absolutely cooks on the 4th part of "Garden Wall".
Reviewer: John Morfit

Copyright 1997 by John Morfit - All Rights Reserved