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Anders Stakekeyed fiddles, violins, Jew's harp, willow flutes, wooden flutes, Swedish bagpipe, souna, jinghu, gong, vocals
Hållbus Totte Mattssonmandora, moraoud, accordion, Swedish dulcimer, vocals
Björn Tollintambourine, drone stringdrum, basmandora, percussion
Wimme Saariguest musician, joiking vocals on 2, 5, 11
Ulf "Rockis" Ivarssonguest musician, basmandora on 2, 10, 11
Johan Liljemarkdidjeridu on 3, 5, 11
Knut Reiersrudelectric guitar on 10
Ola Bäckströmviolin on 10

CD, Playing time 54:20 minutes

Track List:

  1. Höglorfen - 4:54
  2. Návdi/Fasa - 7:58
  3. Drafur Och Gildur - 5:23
  4. Dolkaren - 4:56
  5. Bierdna - 5:10
  6. Kina - 3:29
  7. Forshyttan - 4:22
  8. Dufwa - 3:54
  9. Vals I Fel Dur - 3:42
  10. Skåne - 4:17
  11. Groucholorfen - 6:15

Publisher No.:
(1997) Silence Records - SRSCDD 4737 , Xource, PO Box 535, S-183 25 Täby, Sweden

1-This is a reel from different parts of Sweden. A "lorf" is a kind of bridal dance. 2-Wimme is joiking the Wolf. Fasa forest was a remote and mythical wild region in the midwestern parts of Sweden that you preferably not entered. 3-A bloody ballad about the Good defeating the Evil, which we learned from some Erborigian bards during a Middle Ages week on Gothland. 4-A marching-tune from Setesdal, Norway. The ancient music of this valley has been kept alive through generations. We are playing a version inspired by the fiddler and silversmith Halvard Björgum. 5-Wimme is joiking the bear. Our first meeting with Wimme was in Umeå up norht, when he suddenly entered the stage and started to joik our music in such ecstacy, that he ended up on the floor with the microphone stand on top of himself. 6-A reel after Ljuder Anders, Mora. In the fall 1987 we were in China at the Peking Opera on a folk-music course. We found this pearl in our luggage. 7-This is a misture of reels from Norway and midwest of Sweden with some Arabic sounding phrases from a book of old Swedish tunes. 8-A reel after Anders Petter Dufwa in the southern parts of Sweden. 9-Anders has two pen-pals, two anonymous persons who in 1972 released the "most cult album in Sweden ever". This is one of the unreleased songs by the band, called Philemon Arthur and the Dung. 10-One night during the Falu Folkmusic Festival 1996 Knut checked in on "The Vision" and played some guitar on this favourite song ours among thousands of tunes from Skåne, in the very far south of Sweden. 11-We closed our sessions in the studio by putting on the recorder and have a jam session to the special kind of reel-groove.
Reviewer: liner notes

They call themself "Hedningarna" or "The Heathens" in the US. A Swedish bases group playing a very exiting blend og scandinavian folk music or whatever. On their last CD "HIPPJOKK" they have included a superb didjplayer together with a Sami "joik". The mixture of didj, joik, bagpipes, willow flutes and all kinds of strange instruments with high quality musicianship make this a record you should listen to.
Reviewer: Lars Grue

Copyright 1997 by John Morfit - All Rights Reserved