Acid Didj, The

Acid Didj, The

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Acid Didj, The

Acid Didj, The


Mark Robsondidjeridu
Fred Giannellisamples, treatments, production

12" EP, Playing time --:-- minutes

Track List:

  1. The Acid Didj 1 - --:--
  2. The Acid Didj 2 - --:--
  3. The Acid Didj 3 - --:--

Publisher No.:
Telepathic - PSI-002 , Telepathic PO Box 80337 Boston, MA 02180-0003 (508) 741-8901

The Acid Didj came about from a barter arrangement when Fred Giannelli (ex. Psychic TV) was asked by Mike Claire of Axis Records to produce an album by David Allan (of Gong). The payoff was 35 minutes of solo didj playing by Mark Robson who was touring with Allan and another fellow named Graham on violin. Giannelli took the material and released a studio processed ambient LP with three tracks sounding much like David Hudson's Woolunda (note - Hudson did it live). This recording is available only on LP, as has been used by several other DJ's as intros on their material.
Reviewer: John Morfit

Copyright 1997 by John Morfit - All Rights Reserved