Okano, Hiroki

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Okano, Hiroki



Hiroki Okanosynth, voices, wind instruments, sound effects, computer
Masazane Nobutowave drum, rhythm program
Itsuro Kobacomputer, rhythm program
Kenji Mikamididjeridu

CD, Playing time 55:32 minutes

Track List:

  1. Leela #1 - 12:25
  2. Leela #2 - 10:01
  3. Leela #3 - 6:34
  4. Leela #4 - 6:07
  5. Leela #5 - 9:29
  6. Leela Ambient - 10:51

Publisher No.:
(1997) Innovative Communication - IC 87 2293-2 , DA Music, Kruppestrasse 7, D-49356 Diepholz, Germany

6 tracks, entitled "Leela" #1 thru #5, with a "Leela Ambient" track at the end (I'm still not sure if this is extended variations on one long piece; there's a lot of change, but certain themes seem to recur.) "Leela" is an Indian term meaning, literally, "holy play", or --as author Gita Mehta put it-- 'the meditation of the practical joke". ;-) Where "Heaven In The Koo" was seriously deep listening music, probably as home in a zen temple as in your cd player, "Leela" is more of an airy high, sort of a distillation of 90s chill room dj mixing fetishes into one album: beatless old-skool ambient impressionism that slowly merges with hypno-dance-beats and sequencer trance-lines, throwing in natural sounds, found sounds, environmental and ethnic recordings --hell, there's even a dolphin! ;-) Unlike Tenkoo, which is all acoustic and focusing on group improv, 'Leela" is Okano's take on electonic ambience. This is a blend of his more big-"A" Ambient interests --overtones, didgeridoo, drifting bamboo flute, natural sounds, and even a bit of his 1,000-wind-chime installation-- with a more electronic and clubby edge: insistent 909 loops, massively ring modulated acid lines, feedback delays, and some nice electronic percussion on a Korg Wavedrum by Masazane Nobuto. The closest comparison would be Heavenly Music Corp.'s "Consciousness III" in it's blend of meditative bliss with mildly driving beats--like that album, though, this is a record which has a pulse on most of its tracks, but the overall effect is far more hypnotic than dance-inducing.
Reviewer: Gio

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