Into the Soul


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Into the Soul


Greg Callahanpercussion, voice
Larry Cammaratawinds, percussion
Ray Conseurpercussion
Randy Graveskoto, didjeridu, guitars, voice
Linda Stuttingvoice

CD, Playing time 65:18 minutes

Track List:

  1. Gadia Celebration - 5:36
  2. So Why II - 6:59
  3. Taeo's Dance - 4:17
  4. Rhythm 2B - 4:03
  5. Lost Again - 3:47
  6. The Tribe is Calling - 5:25
  7. Feel This Love - 4:56
  8. Shiver - 7:15
  9. Chant Dub - 5:09
  10. Theatre of the Soul - 5:43
  11. Frallan - 5:14
  12. Gate Gate - 6:54

Publisher No.:
(1997) Ginger Root Records - GRR-001

Didgeridoo, Koto, Native-American Flute, Khaen, Sitar, Voices,& World Percussion - This album captures our unique blend of instrumentation from around the planet which we weave into a rich montage of heart pounding percussion and soothing melodies.
Reviewer: Didjinus

This CD has 12 tracks, plus one unlisted "outtake' track. I guess it can be best described as tribal / dancable vs. say amibent or meditative. Lots of percussion instruments, flutes, bells, and voices - singing, ululations, and speaking, and other stuffs etc. etc. (wooden stool? american singing potlids? I presume someone picked up a round iron potlid, sounds great though). Although not explicitly credited as such, i think there are some throat singing in the last 3 tracks too. Some of the music really makes you think, and do introspection. Randy is very skillful with the didj. I think his style is similar to and a mishmash of Kent/Thomas/Wiggins. His didj is the main focus of most tracks and he does a very good job. Overall, a highly listenable CD. Recommended.
Reviewer: Richard

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