Newby, Kenneth

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Newby, Kenneth



Kenneth Newbysuling, p'iri, percussion, sound design
Patti Clemensvoice
Eda Maxymvoice
Barbara Imhoffharp
Stephen Kentdidjeridu
Alex Stahlelectric bull fiddle, effecks
DB Boykovoice
Anis W.A. Sutrisnovoice
Chris Millerrebab
Robert Anthonyspoken word

CD, Playing time 50:56 minutes

Track List:

  1. Saraswati - 4:46
  2. Sirens I - 6:44
  3. Luna - 1:12
  4. Howe Sound - 6:19
  5. Fathom - 9:31
  6. Eileithyia - 8:12
  7. Sirens ii - 7:53
  8. Infinite - 2:12
  9. Mistress - 3:58

Publisher No.:
(1997) City of Tribes - COTCD-015

Multi-instrumentalist and digital soundsmith Kenneth Newby is known for in both the world and ambient music circles as a member of Trance Mission, Lights In A Fat City and Halcyon Days (with Steve Roach and Stephen Kent), and for his work with Ring and alter)ring. He has traveled widely in Southeast Asia, where he studied gamelan and other traditional Indonesian instruments in Bali and Java. Composed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Newby in San Francisco and Vancouver from 1995 to 1997, Sirens is a sublime example of Newby's signature sound, and the impressive ease with which he brings the latest electronics and some of the world's oldest instruments together. Featuring many of artists from the City of Tribes stable (Patti Clemens, Eda Maxym, Barbara Imhoff, Stephen Kent, Alex Stahl), as well as poet Robert Anthony, Sirens is Newby's first solo album in almost four years.

Kenneth Newby's latest solo release, Sirens (***), revs up Hacyon's mixture of digital-age world music without missing a proverbial beat. The album is a pulsing, spritied melange of transcendent sonic events: around the world in an 80-track studio. When does a master of bricolage - of piecing together a whole from segmented parts - complete something worthy of being, itself, sampled? Sirens suggests an answer.
Reviewer: Pulse! Magazine

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