So Kalmery

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So Kalmery



So Kalmery12 string guitar, molimo, lead vocals
Mamadi Kamarapercussion, berimbau on 2 & 7
Boffi Banengolabacking vocals on 4 & 9
Ben Labejofbacking vocals, flute on 4 & 9
René Cabralbacking vocal on 4 & 9
Phil Brownflute, sax, soprano on 2 & 7
Konrad Dornflute, didjeridu on 4, 6 & 9
Michel Ekwalladidjeridu molimo on tracks 2, 4 & 11

CD, Playing time 44:51 minutes

Track List:

  1. Captain - 3:27
  2. Naba Anta - 4:20
  3. Mama Liza - 4:08
  4. Brand New Day - 3:21
  5. Mahaba - 2:36
  6. Dm Crazy - 4:49
  7. Rasmi - 3:09
  8. Matajabu - 2:29
  9. Boomerang - 4:34
  10. Massikini - 2:57
  11. Yestaday (I had a dream) - 2:48
  12. Brave Margot - 5:50

Publisher No.:
Coerdelion - CDLCD-1880

So Kalmery's smooth and pleasant voice accompanies his 12 string guitar in this collection of African songs. Almost a solo album, the didjeridu is used as a backing instrument to good effect on about half the tracks.
Reviewer: John Morfit

"Captain" A tribute to Captain Moza Garvey who crossed the seas without ever leaving port. "Naba Anta" A tribute to Cheikh Anta Diop and all the victims of truth. "Mama Liza" A pre-christian times love letter. "Brand New Day" Le soleil brille au plus profond de nous. Le nouveau jour est arrivé. "Mahaba" Love at first sight. "Dm Crazy" A good suggestion can turn dangerous when wrongly interpreted. "Rasmi" Praise God Almighty - he only has the power, right and reason to give life or take it back. "Mastajuba" In order to assimilate the principle of Brakka, one must borrow his ears to the rabbit and his eyes to the cat. "Boomerang" Une illusion de sentiment entre le boomerang et son lanceur. "Massiniki" Encourangement aux victimes du système: ne vous laissez pas faire car le monde appartient à personne. "Yestaday (I had a dream)" Hommage à Martin Luther King l'homme qul a donné sa vie pour l'harmonie des homes sur terre.
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