Didgeridoo (a.k.a Rainbow Heartbeat)

Peris, Phillip

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Peris, Phillip

Didgeridoo (a.k.a Rainbow Heartbeat)


Phillip Perisdidjeridu, percussion
Tran Quang Haivoices, diphonic singing "khoomei", mouth harp on 3 and 4

CD, Playing time 68:09 minutes

Track List:

  1. Gone Walkabout - 26:26
  2. Rainbow Heartbeat - 21:31
  3. Bunyip Calling - 5:20
  4. Down by the Billabong - 11:16
  5. Under the Shade of a Coolabah Tree - 3:56

Publisher No.:
(1997) Cinq Planétes - CP 10296 , Cinq Planétes, 10 rue Saint Sébastien, 75011 Paris, France, cinqpla@club-internet.fr

Excellent didj player, Phillip have a really great sound and masters the instrument with an impressive technique. All songs are originals compositions (I'm not really sure of that but there are no credits and no information about the origin of these songs) essentially of solo didj, with some rhythmic accompaniment anyway, except on [3] & [4] where Tran is mixing with success his voice with the didj. Phillip plays with a great feeling, and his sounds made me really travel far away -I was a little disappointed when opening the CD box because I expected more Didj/Khoomei duet, but the deepness of this music does not let me have any regrets- .
Reviewer: Heddy Boubaker

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