Land of the Blind

Blind, The

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Blind, The

Land of the Blind

Non-traditional Didjeridu

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publisher not known - number not known , Land of the Blind, 3439 NE Sandy Blvd., Suite #266, Portland, OR 97232

Just your typical 'Tribal-Trance-Hypno-Trip band-as in no guitars, 3 vocalists, a djembe, a flute, and a buttload of percussion. Despite the otherworldly quality of Blind's instrumentation, composer/vocalist Cyoakha anchors them in a nascent pop sensibility often lost on many neo-tribal ensembles.
Reviewer: San Francisco Weekly

The rich, lush music can almost be seen as well as heard. Lead vocalist Cyoakha wails with the intensity of Kate Bush...sparse & haunting...then notes of startling Dead Can Dance they explore unconventional sounds...ONE EYE experiements with Middle-East-like scales and cryptically poetic lyrics for a bizarre but intriguing Laurie Anderson meets-the-Women's-Choir-of-Bulgaria feel. Genuine and unpretentious.
Reviewer: L. Anderson

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