Go-Go and Gumbo, Satchmo 'N' Soul

A la Carte Brass & Percussion

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A la Carte Brass & Percussion

Go-Go and Gumbo, Satchmo 'N' Soul


Pete Ostlesousaphone
Gary Johnsontenor sax
Rick Parrellbaritone sax
Tony Klatkatrumpet
Vaughn Narktrumpet
Jimmie Howardtrumpet
Kenny Rittenhousetrumpet
Terry Binghamtrumpet
Jack Garnertrumpet
Dave Detwilertrumpet
Chris Walkertrumpet
Marc Weigeltrumpet
John Jensontrombone
Bill Holmestrombone
Jerry Barnetttrombone
George Allentrombone
Karl Kalbaughdidjeridu
Tommy LepsonHammond B3
Gali Sancheztimbales, bongos, cymbals
Rob Whitecongas, tres golpe, iya, wind chimes, cajon, snare and bass drums
Tim Huesgensnare drum, chekere, guiro
Myles Overtonbass drum, clves, tambourine, kokorico
Jack O'Dellsnare drum
Charles Ostlebass drum
Alejandro Lucinitimbales, gua-gua, repinque
Rashidi Boweiya, bongos
Nelson Rodriquezquinto, claves, vocals
Gene Cedraseffects
Chuck Brownvocals
Shaun Murphyvocals
Ted Hakeem Carpentervocals
Nick Smithvocals
Qadir Sumlervocals
Esther Williamsvocals
Nap Turnervocals

CD, Playing time 52:58 minutes

Track List:

  1. Ezekial Saw the Wheel - 3:50
  2. A Woman, A Love, and A Man - 4:04
  3. Too Many Lovers - 5:23
  4. Little Sunflower - 6:01
  5. Hey Pocky Way - 4:10
  6. Standing on the Verge - 4:15
  7. Saint James Infirmary Blues - 3:31
  8. San Pedro - 6:36
  9. Me Too - 6:45
  10. Alligator Boogaloo - 3:52
  11. Lucky Old Sun - 4:31

Publisher No.:
(1997) Mapleshade Productions - MS 04752 , 888-CDMAPLE, Mapleshade Productions, 2301 Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 (301) 627-0525

Karl Kalbaugh plays didjeridu on 'Me Too'. Otherwise, a nice jazz album, unimpeded by low drones!
Reviewer: John Morfit

Copyright 1997 by John Morfit - All Rights Reserved