Event Horizon - Theta, The


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Event Horizon - Theta, The


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(1997) City of Tribes - number not known

Even one listen to the EVENT HORIZON (THETA)--the fourth and latest in the City of Tribes (COT) compilation series--should convince anyone that this label is at very forefront of Fourth-World, Trance, Ambient and Electronic musics. Daring, experimental and diverse, COT reaches out from its Bay Area base to all over the world on this CD, collecting music from as far away as Caracas, London and Vancouver. Of course, the influences on these nine tracks reach further still. Melodies based on Persian Avaz, Indonesian-inspired scales and textures, Sufi-based devotional music, and the naturally trance-inducing didgeridoo of the Australian outback--they're all here (and unavailable anywhere else!). Past compilations have introduced you to Trance Mission, Beasts of Paradise, Ring, alter)ring, and Stellamara. EVENT HORIZON (THETA) is no exception, gathering never-before-heard music from Ali Khan, Incierto Insecto and Ambient Temple of I*magi*nation, among others. To my DJ ears, these are just a few of the CD's particularly delicious moments: Luis Paniagua's languid sitar on "Tierra Simple -Tierra Plana"; "Takbir"'s irresistible fling with beats, in what amounts to a qawwali/hip hop song; the vocals of Anis WA Sutristno and Patti Clemens, appearing as if out of an ocean-storm, on Kenneth Newby's "Fathom."

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