Naked Didge

Dr. Didge (Peter O'Brien)

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Dr. Didge (Peter O'Brien)

Naked Didge


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Dr. Didge, a.k.a. Peter O'Brien, a.k.a. Arpana Geeta, is a healer and medical practitioner (a rare combination?) from Northern NSW in Australia who has an affinity with the Didjeridu as a healing tool. Diagnosis and therapy with the Didjeridu is a sensitive business and Dr.Didge has found that tunable Didj's are best but PVC "doesn't feel right". To this end he has created a more organic form of slide Didjeridu - wooden with a copper insert. Dr. Didge has also created a wheel jig that is attached to the end of his sliding Didjeridu to allow it to roll freely up the spine of a patient. Sometimes the wheels run off the spine during a session, suggesting to Dr. Didge that an area of imbalance exists in the body at that spot. In this sense, the wheels are also a diagnostic aid. 'Naked Didge' is Dr. Didge's first CD and it has been created so that patients treated with Didjeridu can continue sonic treatment in the comfort of their own home. Dr. Didge has recently returned from Hawaii where he spent time swimming and playing with dolphins. The experience has had such a profound effect on him that he intends that his next Didjeridu recording will feature the sound of the Dolphins.
Reviewer: Scot Gardner

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