Songs of the Aborigines and Music of Papua, New Guinea


Track 25 - Didjeridu (92k bytes), Track 25 - vocal imitation (76k bytes)


Songs of the Aborigines and Music of Papua, New Guinea

Traditional Didjeridu

CD, Playing time 55:47 minutes

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Lyrichord - LYRCD 7331

Aborigine songs, with some didjeridu. Field recordings by Wolfgang Laade, Professor of Ethnomusicology at the University of Zurich, sponsored by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies. A total of 36 Tracks, only tracks, with 24 to 29 inclusive containing didjeridu performances. This is a very general overview of the music of Australia and Papua New Guinea. If your primary interest is in the didjerdu, then this is probably too general for you. However, having said this, the didjeridu tracks are worth hearing. The vocal immitations of the didjeridu playing technique are interesting. The rest of the disc covers percussion, flute, jews harp with song.
Reviewer: Sean Borman

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