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Shaman I Am


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(1994) Delerium Records - DELEC EP 031

As a taster for their new CD only "Shamania" album on Delerium, here's a powerful 12" dose that not only wraps weird ideas in a roll of stomping tranced out tribal imagery, but also lifts the spirit and expands the stereo spectrum. If there is truly an archaic revival as Terence McKenna believes, then this piece of music is prehistory alive inside a digital vortex of anthropological speculation. Put on your head dress, summon your ancestors and dance.

Extra Blurb: Zuvuya have their roots in "Webcore", who released LP's and 12's on Jungle in the late 80s, and Tribal Drift, who put out a 12" on Nation. "Shamania"'s diverse material dates from 1991 when Zuvuya got together with Natural Psychedelic guru McKenna on his first visit to the Uk. The Shamen used the same spoken material but managed to release their experiment on "Boss Drum". Zuvuya's composition "Shaman I Am" remained unreleased due to the collapse of Evolution Records ("Shamanarchy In The UK"), but finally Delerium have come to the rescue & this awesome piece of tribal psych trance is available to all, with extra material, & an album to follow. Considering it's recording date "Shaman I Am" is certainly well ahead of it's time with regards to stylistic execution & rhythmic composition.
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